James Barnett  |  Founder & Director

James founded CYNY in November of 2009 during a two year journey of intentional homelessness. James serves in many capacities but primarily as our Director and Creative Director. James lives in Sioux Falls, SD with his babe of a wife, Kristin, and their wiener-dog, Paisley, who is also our Chief Snuggler. When he's not running CYNY, you'll probably find him reading old books in a coffee shop or floating down a river in his kayak. You can watch his full story here.


Kelly  Lantz |  Operations Coordinator

Kelly is our right-hand person for everything from correspondence, supporter relationships, press inquiries, events, and strategic development. She started with us in the beginning of 2017 and had previously been a supporter of ours for years. Kelly brings an enormous amount of passion to the family. Few people have ever met her and left her presence without feeling like they could take on the world. She's just got that thing. You can reach out to her here.

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