We believe that you shouldn't have to hurt someone in the manufacturing process to help someone in the end. That's why you can feel good about who your purchase affects... literally from the ground up.

Social justice clothing is en vogue, but is it truly justice it if that product is made in a sweatshop so an organization or company can "give more" profit to those in poverty? Is it justice if you're creating the poverty that you offer to alleviate? Can the ends justify the means?

"The means cannot be cut off from the ends", MLK Jr. once said, "because the means represent the ideal in the making, the end in process."

This is why CYNY is committed to bringing you a clear-conscious, premium product. There's a reason these aren't cheap shirts. Cheap products necessitate cheap labor. We believe higher prices are worth paying because “falling prices” come at the cost of our brother’s and sister’s dignity. So, when you shop with CYNY, you can feel good about the entire process: The farm-workers who picked the cotton (which is usually organic-cotton to avoid pesticides that harm our farmworker friends), the environmental initiatives to cut down fuel dependency to freight the fabric, the people employed to color, cut, and sew your fabric into those gorgeous items we hope you wear with pride. The best part? You'll be wearing a shirt, but the weight will be off your shoulders.

Want to determine if your non-CYNY clothes are ethically made? Check out the following websites!

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