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Your donation towards this quarterly campaign will give disadvantaged children in Olimpo, Mexico access to education by providing the uniform required for them to attend school. Campaign ends December 31st.


Meet the team from around the world who gave to this quarterly campaign. Names in blue are the Advocates who automatically give to each campaign. Become an Advocate

    It's easy as 1, 2, 3.

    As simple as do, re, mi. A, B, C. 1, 2, 3. You're singing it now aren't you?






    You've got mail.

    Every donor receives an Impact Kit in the mail. Inside, you'll find a necklace stamped with the coordinates of where the child you've sent to school is sitting in class, an optional 360° headset to use with our Neighborly° app, and the Neighborly Manifesto Banner. Kits are packaged by those transitioning from homelessness in the USA.

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    A window to the your hand.

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    We believe that when you see the world, your worldview changes. We're just putting the window to the world in the palm of your hand. Meet the Neighborly° app. Track your impact with the coordinates provided in your Impact Kit. Via 360° technology, sit in class next to a child from the community where you've made an impact... all from your living room. Receive field update notifications proving how your donation is making a difference.

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    Across the sea

    For children in developing countries, a uniform is required for school. The small cost of a uniform made locally ensures that children are given access to education, thus lifting these kids from a cycle of poverty.

    Across the street

    The Impact Kit that we send you as a thank you, is made by employing our neighbors transitioning homelessness so that your donation across the sea makes a difference across the street. 

    To your credit...

    We've helped over 9 thousand kids gain access to a quality education, in 4 countries, in 52 different villages, all while helping to create 18 jobs both in the developing world by making uniforms locally and here in the USA by employing people transitioning from homelessness to create our Impact Kits. Cheers to the past behind and to the progress ahead.








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