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Your donation towards this 90 day campaign gives children in Grand Passe, Haiti access to education by providing the uniform required for school attendance.


People from around the world who joined the current campaign. Names in blue are Advocates who give to each campaign. Become an Advocate


    The Impact Kit

    Every donor receives a free Impact Kit in the mail. Inside, you'll find a necklace stamped with the coordinates of where the child you've sent to school is sitting in class. Your Impact Kit is packaged by folks transitioning from homelessness in the USA.

    Give to the New Campaign

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    How this works



    Make an impact.

    Every 90 days we run campaigns in different communities around the world in hopes of getting a specific amount of kids in school by providing the required uniforms.


    Wear your impact.

    We'll ship you a free necklace stamped with the coordinates of where that child is now in school. The Impact Kit is packaged by employing those transitioning from homelessness.


    Track your impact.

    Download our Neighborly° app and you can virtually sit in class next to the kids you've helped send to school, get ground level updates, and pass notes to the kids in class.

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    A window to the your hand.

    Download for   Apple  |  Android

    Meet the Neighborly° app. Track your impact with the coordinates provided in your Impact Kit. Via 360° technology, you can sit in class next to a child from the community where you've made an impact, receive notifications proving how your donation is making a difference, and you can even pass notes to the kids in class right from your phone.

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    No more "us" and "them".

    Order our 360° Cardboard Headset for a more immersive experience that blurs the lines between here and there.

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    Across the sea

    For children in developing countries, a uniform is required for school. The small cost of a uniform made locally ensures that children are given access to education, thus lifting these kids from a cycle of poverty.

    Across the street

    The Impact Kit that we send you as a thank you, is made by employing our neighbors transitioning homelessness so that your donation across the sea makes a difference across the street. 

    Our Track Record

    We've helped over ten thousand kids gain access to a quality education, in 7 countries, in 54 different villages, all while helping to create 34 jobs both in the developing world by making uniforms locally and here in the USA by employing people transitioning from homelessness to package our Impact Kits. *Progress is updated every 90 days.







    Jobs Created

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