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The Mission

We are a nonprofit movement that exists to make poverty personal by serving as a megaphone for those in need and mobilizing you to empower them.

The Vision

The vision is to reimagine charity. The vision is that those alleviating poverty wouldn't just know of, but genuinely know those experiencing it. The vision is to stop calling our neighbors "the poor", but to call them by their names.This vision is fueled by a perpetual hope that another world is possible. The vision is a bunch of ragtag, storytelling, mischief-making, radicals, charging the hill to end extreme poverty in our lifetime. This vision is to do anything but "keep calm and carry on". The vision is to get angry with injustice and creatively liberate those bound by it.


Our Beliefs


Empowerment, not enablement, elevates people to be givers instead of permanent recipients.

Friends don't let friends experience poverty. Relationships end human suffering.

Idealists might be dreamers, but they are the only ones who have ever changed the world.

Stories have more transformative power than we could imagine. We use them to fight injustice.


Watch the Story

Hear from our founder, James. (38 min)


Our Partners

We can't help people without the help of people. That being said, we choose only the best and most efficient people to work with. We are currently partners with 410 Bridge who are some of our favorite friends on earth. Our partnership with them helps us make an impact in Kenya and Haiti! Saint Francis house is our domestic partner in the Unites States. We employ people transitioning from homelessness through that partnership. Their methods are so good. Stalk 'em out.


Financial Transparency

In light of our "100% to the cause" promise, you should know exactly how every penny you donate is distributed. We are working hard to draw up a chart so you can visualize the breakdown (coming Summer 2018), but until then, know that our Operational budget is privately funded by Embrace Church so that we can make such a lofty promise of giving 100% directly to programs. That's a nonprofit's dream and we are forever grateful. It allows you, the supporter, to make a bigger impact with each financial gift.

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